Sunday night blahs…

This is my eighth post in the space of approximately twelve months. Still call myself a blogger, do I? Once upon a time, I was a much more prolific blogger than this. I was also once a much more prolific blog reader than I currently am too…

I don’t think it is fair to Facebook to blame it for all of my changed habits; lol…

When I consider it more carefully, I think it is more to do with my own headspace and thought processes… There is a vagueness and a scatter-brained-ness in me that hasn’t always been there. The things that I think about doing are filed away as done before I actually do them too… like thinking about sending a text message or writing a blog post is enough to make it happen or something. It transfers into the event of those “Didn’t I tell you that?” conversations with my man too… which can sometimes just lead to frustration and confusion about who I have these conversations with and whether or not I imagine so much of what I think I have experienced in life.

Am I just getting older? Do I have more to think about than I used to? Or do I think about the same amount of things, but have less flexible thinking time? Am I showing early signs of short-term memory loss..?
Or do I just have the Sunday night blahs..?

~ by pincushiondiary on August 3, 2008.

One Response to “Sunday night blahs…”

  1. great to see a new blog entry! i love the way you write! (it’s all that litrature influencing you isn’t it! LOL)
    yep, facebook is a pain in the butt, i am getting a bit over it now and only go on the site a couple of times a week instead of daily! Thanks for all the comments on my blog and for actually reading my ramblings!

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