B is for…

Books Love ’em! I sometimes wish I could be a lady of leisure and read books all day. I have a pile of books to read next to my bed that is, I kid you not, well above knee height and almost up to my hip… and I’m not a short-arse! I have put an embargo on any new book purchases until I get through some of the ones that are in this pile, because I am running out of room for them. I also have a bookshelf full of books which I have read, because I find it really difficult to get rid of books to the op shop or to give them away. I really should though, because soon enough I will have to “merge” households and there will just not be all that much room for my extensive collection. One funny thing about my bookshelf is that on at least two occassions that I can remember, guests at parties held at our share house have asked “Did the person who owns this bookshelf study literature at Monash?” They can tell based on the fact that some of the key first-year booklisted texts are still on the shelf (inc. Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, scattered Margaret Atwood and Angela Carter titles, and the more obvious, Australian Short Stories collection.) I’m currently taking far too long to read one of the short-listed books for last year’s Man Booker Prize, Animal’s People. With my return to study in January, alas I just don’t have the lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoons that used to allow for the reading of novels…
Bikes If you had’ve asked me ten years ago what my favourite outdoor passion was, I would have said “Sitting under a tree and reading a book”; however, I now have a huge love of bike riding! Not the bike riding of primary and high school days, which saw me mostly walking my Graycross ten speed up the Craig Street hill to the reserve and then riding the rest of the way (no more than a kilometre, I reckon) to school. Now I do certainly try to ride to work regularly (it fluctuates though), but I’m also very keen to complete bike riding challenges. Of highest note, is riding ~370kms around Mongolia in 2006. There was only 16 or so kms of asphalted road in that total, and there were lots. of. bloody. rocks. It was an amazing experience. More recently, we did the Melbourne Summer Cycle, also to fundraise and raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis, and I rode over the West Gate Bridge without stopping without any lead up training. I’m not fit by any means or measure, but I definitely love the freedom of the wind in my hair (under the helmet, of course!) and environmentally friendly transportation!

Boyfriend Yep, sorry, he is still just that… even though I did dangle the carrot or elude to future changes in the relationship with my last post. Sorry to [prematurely] excite you, my readers (…oops, will that phrase see me spammed more often?!) However, I will confirm that my man and I have definitely talked about “mergers and acquisitions” — code for marriage without actually saying the word and raising his blood pressure, of course! — and we are definitely heading there… It is just a case of timing, and the right timing at that… Part of me is of the “Why wait?” opinion (that’s the same part of me that vowed and declared five years ago to live every day to its fullest and make the most of my legs!) and part of me wants to enjoy every luxuriously relaxed moment of our “courting”. Essentially, he’s clear on where I stand. I know where he stands. And the ball is currently in his court with regard to the when of it all… because we are both traditionalists in that sense. He is to be the one to get down on one knee with ring in hand … and besides, February 29th passed me by this year! (He’s been told/threatened that I’m not hanging around waiting for the question, only to have to ask it myself on February 29th 2012!) So, when I say watch this space… I mean that it is coming. Just not quickly… Thanks for the excitement for it though! … I reckon that happily-ever-after with my P will be worth the wait!


~ by pincushiondiary on April 23, 2008.

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  1. Leap-yearish anniversary? Heh … Shades of Pirates of Penzance.

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