Look at me!

I’m the winner!

Now just have to decide where it will live for the next year…
On the mantlepiece? on top of the wardrobe? in my office? beside the telly with a nice display of fake flowers…? or, as L so rudely suggested, in the roof…?
Ooh, maybe it can take centre stage in P’s house renovations?! Once it has a place of it’s own, I may be inclined to take a photo and post it, mostly for the benefit of those involved in the comp, but don’t hold your breath… we all know I promised a post over a month ago that still hasn’t appeared … (It is half written, but I’ve just been distracted by things like work and Facebook… oh dear…)


~ by pincushiondiary on October 1, 2007.

3 Responses to “Look at me!”

  1. Hey Trish,

    Great to meet you at the BBQ. I hope you find a place that is worthy of the trophy … may I suggest a deep dark cupboard?

    A similar photo (and others) can be found at http://www.rxaphotography.com/shoots/070929/



  2. Congrats miss trish – you are a worthy winner!!!!
    I agree with Richard – there are some great pics particularly of you
    and Pete.

  3. Heh … congrats! Durned distractions though, eh?

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