Weekend roundup…

A quiet weekend filled with activies enjoyable and relaxing…

Friday night was takeaway pizza and a bottle of wine, whilst cosy on the couch next to my man watching one of the many DVDs that I brought back from China twelve months ago, but had not yet watched: Walk the Line. What a great movie!
This was after a long effort to find a pizza shop in Camberwell that didn’t charge the earth and wasn’t ‘Sofia’s’ [*blech*]. We found ‘Big Al’s’ on Toorak road; $7.50 large pizzas (well, it is Camberwell after all, not Mooroolbark) with an independant bottleshop just two or three doors down the road. How convenient! The verdict, after consumption, was that we will definitely return. No more being overcharged by our last pizza joint (even if they did happily swap the olives for capers on my vegetarian pizza!) Pizza should be a cheap meal!

Saturday night was ‘date’ night, after I declared to my man that we hadn’t had a date in a while… what with me being away, him being away, him being sick, me being sick, busy weekend last weekend… so, we had a lovely thai dinner and followed it with a long-overdue trip to the movies, to see Oceans Thirteen, and then went home and [I] fell asleep while watching Le Tour… go Cadel!

Saturday during the day – to switch back and be out of order in my recap – was a lovely outing to the city with housemate and dear friend M. We went to the Ken Duncan gallery shop at Southbank, which is a really nice place to pass time if you ever find yourself with a spare half an hour at Southbank by the way, and we found gifts for two more people than we had been hoping for (making a total of gifts for three people). We had brunch at the ‘Blue Train Café’ and then wandered Bourke St-ward to browse for “the” dress for me to wear to the upcoming “aeronerd” ball (= the Royal Victorian Aero Club [RVAC] annual charity aviators’ ball). I wasn’t committed to purchasing anything that day, or anyday, but was open to the possibility of finding “the” dress; the dress that every woman wants to have in her wardrobe for various special ocassions. We popped into a little shop off Collins st, called ‘La Bella Donna’, and, on a whim, I accepted the assitant’s suggestions and offers to try on a few frocks to get a better idea of what I was after… First dress was very nice, but not quite right. Certainly not for the price tag (right enough had it been on sale though). Second dress was stunning, and I couldn’t take my eyes off myself! M would concur, but I’ll say it myself: I looked hot! Best I’ve ever seen myself. (Even better than on your wedding day, T & F!) After trying a few different options for how to accessorise it (very useful for aeronerd balls and weddings in years to come!), I redressed in my boring street clothes, a la Targét, and stepped out of the store to consider the significant purchase that I was contemplating. We popped into a number of other stores where nothing caught my eye as much as “the” dress did. With M’s helpful wise questioning and advice, I had made my decision and returned to ‘La Bella Donna’ to make the purchase of my “investment”. A picture will follow after the aeronerd ball on the 11th August, because the dress is staying safely tucked away until then, and any description I would write would not do it justice… So curiosity will have to eat away at my readers until then!

And in true weekend roundup style, let me also report that i am on top of Tony’s Tipping Competition! Woo-hoo! I’m only a point ahead of the person coming second, but I am three points clear of Daniel and four points clear of Miss Marita! …yegads! Do I have a good chance of winning the perpetual ‘ugly’ trophy…? Better make sure I’m actually at the Grand Final BBQ this year then!


~ by pincushiondiary on July 23, 2007.

3 Responses to “Weekend roundup…”

  1. Maybe we should make the GF BBQ a formal do this year and you can wear The Dress?

  2. Sounds fairly mundane … I’m jealous.

  3. ..”mundane”..? In no way is this dress mundane. It *made* the weekend! I feel like a movie star when wearing it and as far from mundane as one can get… (I’m assuming that you’re actually jealous because your weekend was not ideal?)
    BTW, the shop assistant dropped in to her sales pitch that SJP wore this dress (in a smaller size, no doubt!) in the last series of Sex in the City… I’ve got to do my research to check whether she was having me on.
    GF BBQ as a formal..? Why not! 😀

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