It moved!

I’ve just returned from having dinner with two of my nearest & dearest in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne (Mooroolbark, no less), and am absolutely buoyant about the fact that… I felt it move!


Their just-three-weeks-away-from-being-born first child!

It was brief; it was gentle; but, it was a definite sweep of a body part (foot? hand? elbow?) across the area where my hand was resting. My reaction was, I’m sure, one worth remembering: the exclamation “It moved!!”, followed by “There really is something in there!” (I had just been expressing frustration at having not felt the baby move at any other time, and had suggested that perhaps it was all just a trick and my friend has been wearing one of those pregnancy simulation suits…)

I can’t recall ever having felt an unborn baby move like this before… I’m sure, with a 12-year age difference between us, I would have felt my sister move when mum was pregnant with her, but I don’t remember it as a clear memory; I can only assume that it would have happened. When my best friend from high school was pregnant with my godson, a likely time for such an intimate experience, she was interstate and I saw the pregnancy develop through photos of her belly and the ultrasounds coming in the post.

I really think this is the first time that the pregnancy has been that of a friend close enough to me to not be bothered by my hands resting on her belly for a prolonged time as we chatted; and so, this is the first time I’ve felt an unborn baby move… How marvellous! I can’t wait to meet him/her in a few weeks time!

My guess in the betting pool is: girl, 7lb 10oz, Thursday 19th July (due date is 20th July). I’ll let you know how accurate my guessing is…


~ by pincushiondiary on July 1, 2007.

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