I’ve succumbed…

… and got myself a Facebook account. Lured by bright lights [not] and the big internet city, and mostly the ability to show off my photos in a manner that I don’t have or don’t understand on this blog, I signed up before going on holidays last week.
However, I’ve just realised that a better place for me to show off holiday snaps and the like (when I get a bit more creative and borrow the nice Nikon digital SLR from work from time to time), is actually Flickr, which I already had a photoless account on… So, I sense that soon enough, I’ll have so many bits and places that I’ll develop multiple personalities called misstrish and variations of that.
One thing I did investigate on Facebook was the number of people who share my name. I’m contemplating a message to each of them to unite Patricia Austins worldwide…

P.S. Drought state to flood state… go figure! I reckon the apocalypse must be upon us…
P.P.S. Farewell Neale. You have served us well, no matter what they’ve said this season…


~ by pincushiondiary on June 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “I’ve succumbed…”

  1. “Lured by bright lights” …

    Ohhhh …. shinny colorful blinking lights …. mmmmm

    I’m a flicker guy myself … much easier to coordinate with blogspot.

  2. ooh flickr and photobucket and slide…… I’m afraid I’m on all of them with different accounts for different reasons.

    Slide slots nicely into MySpace, flickr I use for putting photos into forum posts, and photobucket is the big one. All private accounts, but I have two separate accounts with photobucket – one to let other parents view the kids soccer photos from each week’s match and one which is family & friends pics.

    Definitely borrow work’s Nikon and get snapping soon!

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