My, my…

… hands up who doesn’t have a ‘MySpace’?

Everyone seems to be getting one!

Over the course of this lazy, pre-public holiday Sunday, I have even almost found myself thinking that I need one. Only to remember that I have a blog, two in fact, and that the elder of the two has been in existence since the end of 2003 even… But there is something hip at the moment (by that I mean in my own relative circles, because I know that some people have surely had a ‘MySpace’ for as long as I’ve had a blog, if not longer) about having a MySpace.
Many of you know of my housemate, L. L and I went to Mongers together. Prior to, and whilst on location in Mongolia and China, L & I both blogged. Now, L is completely hooked on ‘MySpace’. I’m attracted to the photos and music on her space, and am jealous that I don’t have the same on my own blog. But, I must keep reminding myself that I have a blog. I may even be considered by some (Daniel? Ren? Tony? Barb?) to be a bit of a blog veteran..? (Yes?/No?)

So, ultimately, MySpace is just an incentive (another one!) for me to learn more about blogging and making my blog have more snazzy bits like photos (note to self: must get camera, or link up camera phone) and so forth!


~ by pincushiondiary on June 10, 2007.

3 Responses to “My, my…”

  1. Yes Trish, you are a bit of a blog veteran!

    I don’t have a MySpace page. I’ve considered it, but don’t see the need… I’m sure some people are making good use of it, but a lot of people seem spend inordinate amounts of time on MySpace putting together garish monstosities of pages and signing up hundreds of “friends” they’ll never really meet or know.

    A few years ago I signed up to Friendster. It’s a neat idea, but I haven’t found it to be really beneficial. So yeah I could go join MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, Orkut… but I probably won’t…

  2. Daniel, You are spot on. My newfound addiction is a collection of photos, music and friends – only those i accept though. And yes, it is a little garish.
    But I am LOVING it! I have found friends I’d forgotten about, and people I had never imagined would have My spaces do. And I figure it will save me bombarding my friend’s inboxes with massive emails filled with photos….
    We will see!

  3. Yep … I have one. And no, I pay little attention to it. I got so much “Come over and pay me to look at my nude pictures” mail I thought I was going to go into pimp training. Sheesh!

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