Checking footy results on Monday …

… has yielded a rush of excitement this morning! I only tipped 5 out of 8, nevertheless I am top of the leaderboard in ‘Tony’s Tipping Competition’, most significantly ahead of Miss Marita and Daniel (but only by a point or two, so I’d best not get too cocky…)

This almost softens the fact that my team lost by 1 point yesterday to make it a staggering 9 straight losses … wah!

Tuesday update: The Faculty tipping results are in, and I’m 9th in a field of 49! (6 points behind the current leader.) I’m also well ahead of my Historically-minded co-tippers. This “secret method” (the details of which only two other people know of) is so far proving to be successful, helping me to maintain a strong position near the top of the tipping ladder… Excellent!


~ by pincushiondiary on May 28, 2007.

One Response to “Checking footy results on Monday …”

  1. Sometimes 5 is all you need!

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