Post-GP report…

Years of living with slight asthma have made me well equipped to self-diagnose and treat.
Whilst I was slightly off in the dosage level (my cough must have been worse on past occasions), I was correct. I have been issued new scripts for both flixotide and ventalin, and told to take a dose of the flixotide twice daily and the ventalin approx four times daily for the next week, then reducing that to being just before bed to aid sleep and rest… And while I was paying I booked an appointment for that thing that every woman has to have done but hates to have done… after all, it is an important medical test. (sorry, TMI there…)


~ by pincushiondiary on April 24, 2007.

One Response to “Post-GP report…”

  1. Ew… Flixotide is the worst. Make sure that you gargle or have a drink after you use it, the meds in it can cause throat infections. I got two really nasty ones in short order and had to stop using it. Ask for Seretide if you have problems with the Flix.

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