Another day off…

Well, after having four days off work last week, and a rather quiet weekend (with just the one outing which tuckered me out on Sunday with my P, for brunch and a lap of the shops in Burke Rd Camberwell to buy a birthday gift for my step-dad…) I am home from work again today…
I went to work yesterday [Monday], but it wasn’t a great day because my cough is getting more frequent and persistent. I spent well over an hour, closer probably to two hours, trying to get to sleep on Sunday night, and woke myself a couple of times during the night from coughing (at least that I remember; it might have been more…). Yesterday took the form of a humourous symphony of coughing echoing down the corridor of our department originating from both mine and my boss’ office, opposite mine, because he has a condition (that I can’t remember the name of) which means that his bronchial tubes don’t work properly and he is always coughing a bit. I had a few conversations, in person and on the phone, where I had to apologise for my coughing interrupting, and a few colleagues suggested that perhaps I should’ve still been at home resting…

Anyway, once again last night I coughed and coughed, and the suppressant that I bought from the pharmacy to aid sleeping appeared to do nothing to ease it. I got to the point where I realised that this has moved from being just a basic annoying cold, to being the [more annoying] return of my asthma. Conversations with the GP last week touched on this possibility, and he did direct me to start using a particular preventative called ‘Flixotide’ again for a few days if I still had some of it at home (but not needed enough at that point to bother with expensive scripts…). I thought I did have some, but a search last Wednesday did not yield it… However, this morning, after deciding that another appointment at the GP was necessary, I found it in a different place (the wrong place really, because I hadn’t thought to look there for it…)

Anyway, in about half an hour I’m trotting off to the GP clinic again, this time to another different doctor, to this time investigate treatment for my asthma rather than for a standard cold. I’m sure the result will be to simply get a new script for the medication I used to take (the remainder of which that I found this morning expired in June 2006. It would still work, just not as effectively…) and to begin with two puffs morning and night for a fortnight, and then reducing to one puff morning and night for a fortnight or so, as per years past, though not last year from memory… from memory, my asthma has been pretty good, replaced by this crappy disease in my brain, which I currently can’t complain about because it gives me no trouble and I have surrendered to the fact that if I take ibiprofen when I inject my Rebif I don’t get the headache (much like a hangover but without the alcomohol) the next morning…
Anyway, if the internet is still cooperating when I return, I’ll try to blog a bit more… particularly about a couple of recent conversations that might be of interest… one about blogging, one about God/faith, and one about doonas.


~ by pincushiondiary on April 24, 2007.

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