I’m takin’ a sick day, takin’ a sick day…

… well the song is actually about chucking a sickie, whereas I actually am a sickie. I’m at home, under doctor’s orders to get lots of rest, for the third day in a row. The certificate covers me for tomorrow as well, so I won’t be back at work until Monday. Kinda good, but bad because of the feeling crap that goes with being sick. I’ve basically got your run-o-the-mill, standard, garden variety, common cold… but sometimes do feel like I will cough up a lung if not careful! It started on Monday over the course of the workday, after me announcing in the morning that I felt like I was getting a bit of a sniffle, to the point where I knicked-off home from work early and my colleagues knew that it would be a likely event that I called in sick the next day. Tuesday morning I had to get up to let the plumber in to fix the bathroom tap, and even he commented that I sounded awful! When I wasn’t feeling any better by that afternoon, even after a significant “nanna nap” – I was achy and had a headache and was sneezing and coughing and developing a sore throat – I made a doctor’s appointment.
Wednesday evening I saw a new doctor at the local clinic. As expected with any new doctor, discussion of current symptoms and current medications usually turns to questions about my MS. While a common cold is, of course, unlikely to cause any MS-related physical event, he did acknowledge that it was a good idea for me to rest a bit more than anyone else for this, because if this basic cold turned worse, or if it was a flu instead of a cold, my body would be likely to be hit a bit harder and my energy levels take longer to recover because of my current/ongoing likelihood of fatigue as a symptom of my MS. He did ask how the MS is going, and was pleased that I had nothing to report. He took a brief look at the bundle of regular correspondence from my neurologist (lots of it in the form of copies sent over from my previous clinic, which is a 45-minute drive away from where I now live) and reported that my most recent blood test results from my 6-monthly check-up with specialist in Febraury showed normal liver function (a concern of being on the ongoing medication that I’m on) and normal levels of all of the other things that should be in blood.
So, if the internet continues to behave itself today and tomorrow, I may find the time to post again at least once… For now, I need to stop this mental exercise and roll over and get a bit of snoozing done.


~ by pincushiondiary on April 19, 2007.

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