His name begins with the same letter as mine…

September 24th: I drunkenly announced that I’d met a nice boy man at our fence warming party.
September 25th: I clarified that there was no interesting element about the comment made and that he was just the friend of a housemate who could certainly be invited over more often.
September 27th: I called him and left a voicemail message which included a birthday greeting, my phone number and an invitation to call me back. 
September 29th: we had our first date. Drinks.
October 1st: he accompanied me to the opening/dedication of the new Scripture Union building, as he too has a history of volunteer involvement with the organisation through summer camps etc.
October 5th: second date. Dinner.
October 14th: third date. Watching a DVD at his place. Amelie. First kiss.
October 16th: fourth date. Dinner again.
October 20th: fifth date. We spent a total of 17 hours together! This included an attempted joyflight ( the weather forced cancellation; but he did prove that he can turn the plane on and taxi to the runway holding area) and dinner with three of my best friends.
October 21st: called in to see him on my way home from a friend’s birthday party.
October 22nd: lunch and a Sunday afternoon stroll.
October 23rd: date number six, I think… But now it starts to get to the point where I can stop counting… Took him to see The Cave of the Yellow Dog.
Seeing him again on Thursday, and we’ve compared diaries to emalgamate social calendars and lock in dates in which to meet each other’s significant friends…

~ by pincushiondiary on October 24, 2006.

9 Responses to “His name begins with the same letter as mine…”

  1. Woohoo!! Go trishy!

    does he still write his name on his milk?


  2. I SOOOOOOOOOO want to be home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. J, I don’t get the milk comment. Care to explain??

  4. Yay, Miss Trish!

  5. Hang on – so is it a ‘P’ or a ‘T’??

  6. Ahhhh, clever Miss Marita!
    It’s a ‘P’ for …?

  7. I think what James is trying to say is that the ‘Boy’ is so young that when he takes his lunch to elementary school, he has his name written on the 1/2 pint container of milk so it is not confused with the ones belonging to his class-mates.

    It’s a lot wittier when blurted out … really!

  8. Thanks for the input! I’ve actually since found out from James that he was referring to a TV ad here in OZ in which a particular celebrity that I had a teenage crush on is advertising milk and is talking about the goodness of milk when he was a kid etc. etc., and then says to tha audience that he drinks ‘Pura Light Start’ and still writes his name on his milk, whereby the shot goes to the carton of milk showing the famous sporting star’s signature on the label …
    P.S. Thanks for visiting and commenting mdmhvonpa!

  9. Oh, and for the record for all readers, the ‘boy’ is actually 37, so not a boy at all… Although, is still boyish at heart at times, I am learning…

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