A Friday afternoon that can’t pass quickly enough…

I know I should be working and making the most of the fact that there are few staff in the department today, but this afternoon I really can. not. be. bothered.
It has been a long week – mostly long at home, not at work – and my office is warmer than it should be after three consecutive days of heat… and I have a blister on my foot from the very unsensible footwear that I have worn to work today because I am a slave to fashion and to things matching (the shoes go well with the skirt I’m wearing) and am also the Imelda Marcos of shoes and need to give them all an outing from time to time… sook, sook…
The repair man has just taken away the department’s bench-top dishwasher, and I’m really hoping he can fix it and return it first thing next week, because I am sick of people ignoring the sign: “The dishwasher is broken. Please wash your own dishes until further notice”. I’m also sick of people throwing tea-bags into the green bucket which has the following sign above it: “Green bucket is for recycling only. Please rinse bottles, cartons etc.”
And, “Oh, shit!”, I just about sent my cup of tea flying across my keyboard… That would’ve been fun for Friday afternoon! (Actually, I wouldn’t mind a new keyboard… And one should make it policy to demand a new keyboard from each employer through the spillage of hot beverages…)

Oh, now, I was going to tell you all to go and see my new “favourite” movie, The Cave of the Yellow Dog. L & I went on Wednesday and we absolutely loved it. But then, we’ve been to the area where it is filmed in the Kangai mountain ranges in Mongolia! Still, it is enjoyable for anyone. It is the lovely story of a girl who finds a dog in the mountains but her father won’t let her keep it. It’s a lovely story with a happy ending, and you can watch it and think to yourself “Leanne and Trish rode over mountains like that!”. You can see to some extent how rocky Mongolia is, but it doesn’t show any of the really rocky regions!

~ by pincushiondiary on October 13, 2006.

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