… never the bride

Yesterday, I learned that a couple of very good friends of mine have decided to get hitched. As I opened the email entitled “News!” a squeal of delight echoed down the corridor, and I quickly wrote the occasion into my diary.

This morning, as I was pottering around the house, doing the vacuuming (actually, I should say “hoovering” in honour of the people who prompted this excited post!) and taking a leisurely breakfast on a flexi-day before driving to the ‘bool to catch my sister’s school production (a musical verison of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe … kinda odd, but good for a school production), I had a phone call asking me to be a bridesmaid at said wedding. What delight! What honour! And, T&F, you have chosen a professional – this will be wedding number six for me! I was flowergirl and junior bridesmaid for my Mum (on separate occasions); bridesmaid for my cousin, Tina, in the early nineties (… yep, dress is now rather dated!); bridesmaid for B&J in 2001; and, bridesmaid for K&J in 2002 … and there was also the fact that I was supposed to be bridesmaid for my brother last year, but it is for the best that wedding didn’t happen (…although, I was looking forward to wearing the dress chosen).

So, my heartfelt congratulations to T&F! I couldn’t think of two people better suited to making each other happy for the rest of their lives!

And for the rest of my readers, for the record, I am now busy on December 1st…


~ by pincushiondiary on September 9, 2006.

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