The alarming thing about tidying up one’s room is that one discovers, or is once again reminded of, just how many pairs of shoes she owns …
I asked one of my housemates as she came home just now, “Guess how many pairs of shoes I have, including thongs and sandals?”
“Um … 16?”
“…. hhhigher …”
“Not 40?!”
“A little bit higher…”
If you count my two pairs of slippers (one pair newly purcahsed in Mongolia!), I have 46 pairs of footwear.
It’s a little bit embarassing, but entirely justifiable! That is, I have two pairs of runners, the old pair and the new pair. The old pair were replaced because there is no grip left on the soles, but they are not falling apart so much that I need to toss them in the bin. I have a number of pairs of shoes that probably should or could be thrown out, but I tend to hoard clothing and just can’t bring myself to get rid of them yet. I have one pair of shoes that I can’t wear on a wet day because the soles are split … I’m going to see if I can get those ones re-soled because they are really comfortable! I have green 8-up Doc Martens from my uni days which I have a sentimental attachment to (and still wear from time to time…) and lace-up blundstones with a similar sentimentality for my country days… I have eight pairs of thongs, two of them embellished with sequins, but that can’t be frowned upon as a large expense, because they are generally pretty cheap (there’s no Havaianas in my cupboard).
Some shoes certainly get more wear than others (like the red shoes that hardly ever get worn because they give me nasty blisters all over my feet!) and some are definitely reserved for special occasions (the green satin and lace heels!) … And two pairs are very new – the fake adidas and nike sandshoes that I purchased at the Beijing silk markets for about $AUD15 a pair (I’ve since seen the real adidas ones in the sportstore catalogue for $119.95!)
So, until I forget that number, or see another pair of shoes that I absolutely must have, its time for me to stop buying footwear …


~ by pincushiondiary on August 13, 2006.

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  1. Or better yet.. keep buying them, and send your older ones to our next clothes swapping party!!! 🙂 That way you don’t feel guilty!!:) works for me! 🙂

  2. What a great idea!!! I actually started a bag for the next party last night … although, it doesn’t have shoes in it yet … I think I actually rotate all 44 pairs quite well …

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