grafittigraffitti … graffiti

Last week, we were having a conversation in the tea room about the scarcity of good graffiti in the ladies’ loos in our department (no one was there to offer an opinion on the men’s). One of the lecturing staff, who lectures in gender studies and is doing a cultural research project on graffiti, mentioned how she had had graffiti written about her in our loos once, declaring her to be gorgeous, or a babe, or something along those lines (I can’t remember the exact wording). She said that another colleague found it amusing and thought it helpful at that time to alter this staff member’s name and ‘Greek-ify’ it by adding ‘OS’ to the end of her Christian name, which is Chris, and ‘IOS’ to the end of her surname, to give it a Mediterranean flair.
Fast forward to lunchtime today, and my friend, Jen, comes into my office saying “Did you know that there’s graffiti about you in the toilets?” A very excited and interested me dashes into the middle cubicle in the ladies’ loos to read “I [heart] History” on the left and “Trish is lovely” on the right. My response is a mix of emotions, fluctuating between “Aww, how nice…” and “…That’s weird… it’s the ladies’ loos… would I prefer “Trish is a babe” in the men’s..? hmmm…”
Sadly, however, after lunch when I mentioned the graffiti to one of the women who had been part of the first conversation we found that, upon inspection, the delightful green words were now just two green smears on the walls of the dingy loos that we call ours.
My theory at first was that the colleague who had previously been immortalised on the walls of the departmental loos had decided to add me to the “hall of fame” and had then rubbed it off once it had been sighted by me. However, upon more thoughtful consideration, I realised that this would be pretty out of character for her to do that. Then I realised that it was Jen who first drew my attention to the graffiti, and that Jen had exited the building by walking down the corridor past the graffiti. Either someone had rubbed it off in the short time we had been at lunch, or Jen had provided it as a cute pick-me-up for me based on the stressful days I’ve been having at work lately… curious.
I’ll perhaps try to discover whether this was the case, or I’ll reflect on the fact that, for about an hour today, people could read that someone thinks Trish is lovely…
… It’s weird, isn’t it…???


~ by pincushiondiary on August 10, 2006.

4 Responses to “graffiti”

  1. Trish is lovely because she sends me tickets to romantic Keanu Reeves movies. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

  2. Or maybe she just thinks your lovely (cos ya are) and wanted you to know it and doesn’t believe in graffiting uni property, thus the need to remove it after it had been sighted!!

  3. You’re welcome! I hope you enjoyed it.

  4. I have to publically apologise to Jen – she didn’t do it, but thought it was a great idea and wished she had done it!

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