6 sleeps!

I’ve posted on my other blog, but also, more importantly/interestingly, I have updated the “What’s this all about then?” page to include our trip itinerary. So, all you keen readers and friends will be able to vaguely keep track of our whereabouts in Mongolia and China when we leave in 7 days! 6 sleeps, OMG!


~ by pincushiondiary on June 18, 2006.

4 Responses to “6 sleeps!”

  1. OMG OMG OMG!!!


  2. Argh, still can’t find where I can log in to leave a comment on your travel blog. Meh. Anyway, I strongly suggest that you have a shower when you get into Singapore. Even at 5am when I got in there the first time, I ended up sweating – it was 30 degrees! It’s very, very humid there. The showers are great though. S$8 gets you a nice one and you can even get a massage while you’re there. Your itinery looks MARVELOUS. I’m so excited for you. I hope the squatty-potties aren’t too scary (try to steer clear of the public ones out on the streets – nasty stuff). Take tummy meds, you will need them. If the water smells metalic, DON’T DRINK IT! Have a duck banquet in Beijing (most people will know where the big restaurant is that serves it – it’s like, seven floors of restaurant) or brave the night market and get some food from the side-walk vendors. Ooh, and don’t stop walking, whatever you do. Beggars galore.

    I’m so rambling. Take lots of photos!

  3. Fantastic Trish. Your itinerary looks amazing. I’ve been keeping an eye out/noticing because you’ll soon be there some odd Mongolia-related stuff lately. Part of the ‘Peking to Paris’ car race show recently screened on the ABC had a section going through Mongolia which was quite interesting (mostly for the visuals).I also watched a show about smuggling North Korean refugees through China to safety in Mongolia which was scary/interesting as well. Thinking of you and wishing you and Leanne a safe and happy trip! As I spend the last day of my week’s holiday in downtown Footscray, my reading of your blog entry about overseas travelling was accompanied by a lot of pathetic sighing and not a little envy!! I’ll look forward to catching up with you on your return to hear ‘bicycle’ Trish’s stories of great endeavours and perhaps see some of ‘photographer’ Trish’s photos???

  4. PS. Are you going to footy tips from the road or tip before you go????

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