How to get blu-tack out of fish nets and other things I have learned this weekend …

It’s been a busy week and a busy weekend …
I saw The Da Vinci Code last Monday evening, and X-Men: The Last Stand the following evening. It was odd to see Gandalf in two movies in as many days (Ian McKellen as Sir Leigh Teabing and Magneto) … A thumbs up, albeit not an overly enthusiastic one, to both films. Both worth seeing on the big screen.
A night at home on Wednesday, but I’d ridden to and from work that day, so I crashed on the couch and zoned-out in front of the TV.
Thursday was dinner at the Vegie Bar on Brunswick st, catching up with a young friend who I have not seen much of lately. Tip: when ordering burgers there, as nice as the roti option sounds (and tastes), if you are wanting to eat your meal as a burger, then order it in a regular roll. A well-overdue and honest catch-up … and a late night.
Friday night was a dash home from work to freshen-up for Bell Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet with seven friends (8 people = group booking discount – yay!). My verdict? err … cosi-cosi … well acted for the most part, but … I think the combination of it being such a well known story, and the fact that Baz Luhrman did it so well made it hard to have the story told to me by this cast. Had it been the first time I was being told this tale, I’m sure my reaction would be more positive as my emotional response would have been activated … We followed up our night at the theatre with a tapas dinner at the Canary Club, the previously unknown (to us) sister venue of the Hairy Canary, where (when the Hairy Canary couldn’t seat us for another half an hour) they rang ahead to secure a table for six for Trish. The very gay maitre’d greeted me with “You must be Trish! Your table is over here, darling …” Excellent service. Tasty tapas menu. Enjoyed the cocktail called a “Laneway Lust”. It’s down a secret alley off Russell street …
We capped off the evening with a spot of sexy salsa at the Park Hyatt Radii bar. It was my first time Latin dancing, and it was an absolute blast! By this stage of the evening, there was three women and one man still standing of our original party of eight, but he shared himself around (even to a couple of his work colleagues who were also there) and is a good dancer (he feigned only knowing one or two steps, but it was certainly more than enough to make a girl think she was dancing with a hot Latin man!), and I was so animated when talking about it the following day, I’m convinced that I have to go back very soon and also take up salsa lessons. Having done swing dancing lessons in the past at least helped to make me feel a smidge like I might not have looked like too much of a nuff-nuff out on the dance floor. Those few vodkas helped too … 😉
Saturday started late because Friday ended late … I began the day with a brisk 40 min walk and clarifying chat about life and men with two of my three housemates, M & M (tee-hee, that’s funny written like that …), and then a lot of being tired and dazed and confused and trying to summon the energy to get on my bike while the sun shone. It didn’t happen, and before I knew it I was on my way into the city to celebrate my best friend from high school’s 28th birthday. We ate at ‘The Pub at Crown’, and (in a world not at all familiar to me) pressed a few buttons on the pokie machines, as the birthday girl desired. A drink (another vodka – it was my drink of choice this weekend …) and spot of watching the football on a big screen, and then on to ‘Galactic Circus’ to be big kids and play air hockey and swing mallots and collect tickets …
As I walked back to Flinders street station from the Crown Promenade, I was reminded of why it is that I always wear my winter boots with cushioned inner-soles and lamented the fact that I’d put them into the pair of heels that I’d worn the night before and had not replaced them. It was a slow and tender-footed stroll to catch the second-to-last train home … And inner-soles are now on my shopping list!
Today, I enjoyed the party to celebrate the third birthday of my most favourite little man on the planet, my Godson, Xavier. I cannot believe that he is three years old and becoming a well-mannered (for the most part) little boy. He’s definitely no longer a baby or a toddler! I hope he enjoys playing in the fireman costume that I bought for him. It’s a big size and will cope with a growth spurt or two through kindergarten to give him lots of wear of it.

I ended the day with a short bike ride in the last of the beautiful sunshine (approx 15-16kms) and cooked a green vegetable curry [paste from a jar] for dinner. A spot of blogging, brush the teeth and wash the face, and into bed at a decent hour to recover from an exhausting week and weekend. I think the coming week will be a bit quieter …
And O.M.G. … 21 sleeps! … I’m going to China and Mongolia … Crazy!


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  1. BSC did a wonderful version of Caesar based in an office boardroom about ten years ago. Marcus Graham was in it. Mmmmmhmmmm. He makes even BAD Shakespeare lovely to watch.

    21 sleeps! 21 sleeps! You will have to blog while you’re over there (and don’t worry, there are net cafes EVERYWHERE).

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