If my life had a soundtrack …

I woke this morning (after two deliberate presses of the snooze button) to the radio playing “Forever Young” by whoever-it-is-who-sings-it (I have a feeling it might be a cover ..?)
“So what?” you might say … Well, I think it is a corny song to wake up to on one’s 28th birthday. If my life were a movie, that would’ve been the soundtrack for that scene! The remainder of the scene played out as: me walking out of my bedroom to be greeted with what is now enshrined as a birthday tradition at our house: loads of balloons strewn across the floor! I had a shower, got dressed and then settled on my bed to open the birthday cards that had arrived in the post yesterday, before heading off to work knowing that I would be slightly late. “Late? … mwe … It’s my birthday!”

I’ve had a really nice day thanks to friends, family and colleagues. The day kind of started last night when a friend who I share a birthday with called me from her travels abroad “Hi! Happy birthday from New York! I can see a ‘Lion King’ poster … I think I’m on Broadway!” It was very nice to sing “Happy Birthday” to each other, Melbourne to New York. It was sung early for her, but she’ll be in the air, en route to Paris, for most of her birthday … and I have absolutely no sympathy for her about that! Jealous what! … But then I am reminded that I am flying to China and Mongolia in less than eight weeks, and my jealousy is abated …

I logged on at work to find an emailed birthday greeting from my Mum! How odd! And then I have just checked my hotmail at the end of the day to find an email greeting from my younger sister (she’s 15). How odd again! But lovely all the same … Ahhh, the wonders of my brother hooking up the internet at home. That reminds me … he hasn’t called! Naughty, forgetful brother!

I was presented with a beautiful hot pink cyclamen this morning by one colleague, and a scented candle by another, and a $30 LTU bookshop voucher by the current head of department. I felt very loved (in that work colleague kind of way!). Loads of text messages and phone calls, and lunch with a friend and cake for afternoon tea with a few colleagues later, and I really haven’t got much work done today at all!

Tonight, I have the pleasure of the company of three of my bestest friends at dinner, and Sunday afternoon will be lunch with Solace friends – shared with J, who’s birthday is two days before mine. Saturday night is currently empty, but I will pull together a small impromptu and relaxed gathering to further the celebrations … Just because I can!

But now, I’m off home because it is my birthday and I am not staying at work any longer, and I want to see what the postman brought today!


~ by pincushiondiary on May 3, 2006.

2 Responses to “If my life had a soundtrack …”

  1. 1. Happy (belated) Birthday!
    2. Givvus your postal address. Got a pressie for you. 🙂

  2. “Forever Young” is sung by Youth Group, although I have no idea who sung it originally.

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