My weekend …

Rather than repeating one significant part of my weekend activities again here, I’ll once again direct you to my other blog if you care to read about what vaccinations I’ve so far had in preparation for upcoming travel to China & Mongolia…

Friday night I popped over the road to visit Barb, my most closest of neighbours (as in she is a close friend and a neighbour, not that she is the neighbour closest to our house) and we wandered around the corner to Station Street to get noodles and then sat on the couch chatting and eating. The perfect lazy Friday night activity! (especially after riding to and from work)

Saturday night was making yummy pizzas at Lizzy’s house and playing cards. In heinsight, it was probably one of the least competitive games of 500 that I have ever been a part of, but the pizzas were very tasty and the company, especially the surprise company of a couple of old friends not seen for about 12 months, was just great!

Sunday morning was a visit to my chiropractor from Warrnambool (who is the coach of a division one ladies basketball team that travels to Melbourne a fair bit and is happy to see me at the unit he owns in Ivanhoe where his Uni-aged kids live) and Solace (the ‘church’ community that I am part of). Great conversations and things to make me consider the topsy-turvyness of God…

Sunday, and the weekend, ended with a long overdue visit to Toby et al, and an afternoon/evening of sitting in their very comfortable armchairs eating birthday cupcakes and other delicious special occasion foods. A late night on a ‘school’ night after the drive back to home from McKinnon … I’ll be feeling it later on today, I think …


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  1. Ew, you got stucked. And EW again! So many times! I took the measles thing too but I didn’t have any reaction to it since it’s a live vac and all, so I guess I had the proper needles in primary school.

    Must admit, the travel doctor and the nurse who gave me the needles were pretty damn fabulous. The needles hardly hurt which is a good thing for a chicken like me, and I recovered well from the tetanus shot.

    How excitement!! Mongolia sounds fabulous (I’ve been watching Michael Palin’s travels again) and I’d love to go to that side of the wall, so to speak.

    And it really does sound like everyone had a really pleasant weekend. I know *I* did.

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