Activities whilst in the ‘bool …

While I have not managed to encourage myself to get back on my cousin’s crummy bike, I have been for a walk into town and back with my Mum – a little bit of excercise in the midst of my lazy-mode days in the ‘bool. We had dinner with my brother’s new girlfriend on Saturday night – hopefully we haven’t scared her off future family occassions, as it was her first dinner with the family. We had dinner at my Mum’s eldest sister’s house last night, where I patted mother and baby koalas (my aunt is a wildlife rescuer/carer) and met a cousin who I’ve never really known, because she’s about 10 years older and the time before she moved out of home to Melbourne is the time when many of my aunts and uncles weren’t talking to each other much. In one of those “less than 6 degrees of separation” moments, it turns out that her husband works at a place where a friend of mine used to work (…Tobe, if you’re reading, it’s you!).  I’ve also been a good grandaughter/god-daughter today and visited both my god-mother and my grandmother. Have just checked my email, transferred some dollars to my housemate who bought our Ben Harper tickets, and am now going to go back out into the living area to spend my last night at home for this visit with my family … Must also think of some suggestions for birthday present “Wish list” to leave with Mum, because it is only 15 sleeps until I turn 28 …


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  1. Well when we finally catch up for you to get your christmas present from us, we will probably be able to give you your birthday present at the same time ;p

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