A change of scenery

This is rather odd … For the first time ever, I am sitting in my old Warrnambool bedroom and am able to browse the web and blog. Quite a novel experience!

The reason/s?
#1: I’m home in Warrnambool for the Easter long weekend (6-day weekend, yippee!), and #2: my brother moved back home again a few months ago and has taken up residence in the bedroom that I once called mine. While I’m home he is staying at his [new] girlfriend’s house, and the room doesn’t actually look all that different to how it has for the 9.5 years before he moved in.
I really should get rid of some of the crap that has been accumulating in the cupboards since high school, and now that someone else needs those cupboards, and since I am home less often to use the room, I think this weekend should be a good opportunity for clean-out. However, that being said, I have been saying something similar every Christmas holiday for the past 9 years and never done anything about it. Instead, I tend to fall into a kind of lazy-mode when I enter this house … A mode that I am actually not at all happy with as a general observation. I frequently come back to the ‘bool with grand plans to do x, y and z, and return to Melbourne having fulfilled none of those plans.

Today at least I followed through on my plan to visit my cousin and borrow her bike for a few days. When the trip home was definitely going to involve rainfall and strong Warrnambool winds, it was all I could do to follow through on my plan to ride home from her house and not accept the offers of her husband to put the bike on the back of his work ute and drive me home. For the few Warrnambool readers: you know it is a windy day in Warrnambool when you have to pedal hard in order to get down the Simpson street hill near the river! I was grumbling about the wind the whole ride home … and also grumbling about my cousin’s crappy bike. One learns to appreciate the pretty reasonable $400 (ish) bike one has when riding a $99 K-mart special that hasn’t been ridden for about twelve months and barely has enough air in the tyres to make it move.

Today I also managed to continue to plough my way through “reading” the pile of New Idea and Women’s Day magazines that had been given to Mum for cutting up for the pasting activity table at the child care centre she runs. Case in point of how I waste time when I enter this house! However, I can also now tell you everything you could ever need to know about Tom and Katie/Brad & Angelina/Jen & Vince/Melanie & Antonio over the past six months. I can also tell you who wore the same shoes with different outfits to different events – which neither magazine commented on (maybe it was just that they were ugly shoes and I noticed them twice … on someone I can’t actually remember … the daughter of someone famous, I think, like Rod Stewart … ). I can also tell you that the women’s magazines seem to be obsessed with picking a “baby bulge” on a bikini-clad holidaying celebrity. If you are having trouble conceiving, then these magazines will either upset you with how often pregnancy and babies are the topics of celeb articles, or you will be comforted by reading that famous women too have trouble with getting up the duff.

Other fun things done today were: cuddling my cousin’s 3.5 month old son, Joshua (I gave him lots of cuddles yesterday when I paid a visit and stayed for a cuppa); and teaching my Mum the basics of using eBay, with my slightly patronising brother in the background (hey, I assist 60-year old academics with changing the font in a Word document and our Mum is actually pretty computer savvy for her generation!), now that she and my sister have hotmail addresses.

Hopefully, I’ll at least blog more while I’m here wasting time and not doing the things on my “To Do” list over this long weekend …


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