Bliss is … a flexi-day tomorrow!

I’m looking forward to taking a flexi-day tomorrow and going with a few friends to Woodend for the day. Work has been crazy and busy and hectic and just a little stressful at times. So many things need to be done, and I’m struggling to clear the pile of stuff on my desk. What makes it all the more frustrating is that I haven’t had the time to move into my new office properly. I currently can’t enjoy it properly! I look at a wall of filing cabinets (they are at least matching and a nice colour) and know that they are still empty… It looks like I am the caretaker of a great wall of important documents, but for now it is not the case. Hopefully, a quiet Friday afternoon will bring the opportunity to shift some files and take a few steps to feeling closer to being in order… When it is all set up and looking like a lived-in office, I’ll borrow L’s digital camera and take a shot for all to see.

In other news … [*unhappy face*] we’ll be grieving for the loss of a housemate soon enough … Jim is moving to Ballarat for Uni. We’ve got a prospective tenant lined-up, athough Maree & I are yet to meet him. He’s a friend of Leanne’s …

ER moving to a Wednesday night … hmmm, that actually might be a programming decision that is convenient for me …

My Mum called last night to fill me in on the family news: my grandmother had a fall at my brother’s house (which he just sold – yay!) and broke her wrist, and my cousin (who I really don’t know very well at all because of years and years of family tensions between various aunts and great-aunts) had a stillborn baby at 20 weeks, and my little sister has been unwell too … Hate those phone calls! [*unhappy face* again!]

~ by pincushiondiary on February 7, 2006.

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