Cycling Pincushion

I think I’ve been invaded by bodysnatchers!
I reckon I’ve been far more active in the past seven days than I think I’ve really ever been. I went to Mt Beauty with some friends, old and new, for SU bike camp over the Australia Day weekend. We stayed at the Mt Beauty Holiday Village in the “yurts”, and spent our days riding the trails of Mt Beauty and swimming in the “nursery” (that’s what the locals call that bit of the river).

By far, my favourite ride was the one where we rode down from Falls Creek to Mt Beauty. About 95% downhill; what a rush!
No spills for me over the weekend; just spills for GC and D – large and worthy of mentioning. D’s is on video for posterity, which is even better! Shouldn’t joke too much though when a cracked helmet is involved … Fortunately, not so serious that the SU insurance policy will be required.

Thanks must go to the kind people at the Mt Beauty Uniting Church, who fed us for one night and allowed us the use of their kitchen for two more. Even bigger thanks must go to my personal “coaches” G and D – they spur me on to ride harder, ride wide to protect me from cars as I struggle up hill, and even compliment me on my nice shorts when I’m wearing lycra knicks.

In addition to a four-day riding getaway, I’m feeling even less myself (because of doing exercise!) because I rode to and from work today. I almost talked myself out of it as I was waking this morning, but I followed through with my plans, donning the gear and heading to work by pedal power. Fortunately, I arrived at work before my colleagues and managed to avoid being seen whilst sweaty and lycra-clad. I wasn’t quite so well-timed as I left work this evening, because the head of department caught sight of me as I snuck out of my office. He was complimentary that I looked the part! … I say it makes me go faster! And my butt cushier!

In other news: someone I know received an AO honour last week on Australia Day, for contributions to Australian history etc. Congratulations Inga!


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  1. Congrats on riding to work …
    Glad there were no emergencies – spill enough to have a cracked helmet … “mmm! with a smile” says your current acting camps coordinator!!!

  2. Oooh, Mt Beauty – I love that place. Grew up going there every summer holidays to stay at the caravan park and swim in the river. Icey cold even in the height of a hot summer day. And I think I tripped over and stubbed my toe on every rock in the water. Hehe.

  3. That is exactly right about the water and the rocks!!!!!

    It was sooooooo refreshing on the really hot days over Australia Day – even more so because it has been so long since I’ve plunged into fresh water (normally chlorinated or salt) – but I did nearly get carried downstream by the current and struggled to get my footing on those rocks!

    I’m definitely converted to the pleasures of Mt Beauty as a holiday destination, and plan to return time after time in future years. This was only my second trip there, the first being in September when a few of us went there to scout out the area before our January bike camp.

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