The depth of people who drop bombshells

Today I’ve had one of those days where people have just surprised me in unexpected ways …

I had a conversation with someone at lunch time about my funny visit to my neurologist yesterday – retelling it with great pleasure, as you can imagine! – and that led to her sharing about the good and bad doctors that she has encountered in her 11, that’s e-lev-en (including three miscarriages), tries at IVF. I was just heartbroken to hear of the heartbreak and trauma and grief that she and her husband have gone through over the past 10 years … I had sometimes wondered about the fact that she didn’t have kids, especially because I knew that both she and her husband were from large families… Never did I imagine that she didn’t have kids because some doctor botched a routine operation and stuffed her reproductive organs when she was in her early twenties. It was a real time of bonding and realising that this is a colleague with whom I really connect and with whom I have built real trust and friendship. A v. nice thing to acknowledge…

The second shock of the day was when I was told (as a “sshhhh … did you know …?”) that someone else I know is pregnant. The shock is mostly because I thought she was single, and also, frankly and without judgement, I thought she didn’t like men … if you get what I mean. The person who told me the news also questioned me on my thoughts about this woman’s sexuality before I even had a chance to ponder it aloud myself, and we’re both now left wondering if we’ve been wrong all this time, or whether there is a man out there who has made a donation to the cause … Not sure when the announcement will be made more public, so will just have to pretend that I don’t know about the new addition for now.

The third shock of the day was with regard to two people I know kind of being interested in each other. Or one being interested in the other, and the other not being sure if they’re interested in the first. I hadn’t seen it coming, and while it may or may not be a bad thing, it just wasn’t something I was expecting to hear about. You’ll get no more information out of me, as I am sworn to secrecy for now …

And now, it is time for bed before someone else drops a bombshell on me …


~ by pincushiondiary on January 17, 2006.

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