As I sit here watching ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’…

I have my next six-monthly visit with my neurologist tomorrow, although it will be more of a social visit than anything else, because I have nothing to report back. No new symptoms, no old symptoms revisiting. Sure, I still fatigue more quickly in hot weather, and I need to remind myself not to push it too far with my energy levels (hmmm …� the trawl around the shops all afternoon, the late night last night, the relatively early morning this morning, and the very enthusiastic gardening that I did this afternoon don’t do well to contribute to that state of healthiness!). The main thing to toast to is that my legs haven’t been tingly or numb for over 18 months now! Bugger those bloody thrice weekly injections that come with it, but let’s toast to legs that don’t tingle!


~ by pincushiondiary on January 15, 2006.

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