The passing of 15 years since I last played netball, and I don’t have the sense any longer to know when to just leave the ball to go out of bounds! … I am now sporting a sore, bruised knee after filling in as WA for (my housemate) Maree’s social netball team last night.

The girls reminded me of the rules in a quick mock half-court play, but I had it in my head that once I got the ball I couldn’t move at all, rather than actually being able to move one foot, or take one step, and not lift the other and then put it back down … I think I was like that in high school too. Maybe that’s why I quit netball and took up volleyball? … But hey, I actually managed quite a few touches of the ball! And even if there was a large element of nice, politeĀ encouragement in the words of the girls afterwards, they were still definitely pleased that I wasn’t a complete waste of space on the court. They may even have me fill in again some time … It was definitely in my favour that the other team were a player short and that the position left vacant was that of WD. It was a bit odd at first while I kept looking for the opposition member defending me, and my spirits swelled when I realised that I was unmanned (or unwomanned, as it so happens).

Maree tells me that the stack I took was very impressive and that the sound of my knee colliding with the floor could be heard at the other end of the court. There was that obligatory moment where the umpires and all the other players look at you as you get up and ask “Are you okay?”, to which one either has to promptly burst into tears (which I didn’t do, and wasn’t about to do), or say “Yeah, I’m fine” and walk it off. I made some kind of heroic arm gesture and walked it off gingerly, with a quick and subtle glance at the clock to see how much time was left [10 minutes]. After the game ended and I bent my knee to sit down, I realised that I would be spending the night on the couch with an ice-pack.

It isn’t too bad today at work. I remember that it is sore each time I stand up, and I think I might go and get the ice-pack and rest it on my knee – under the desk where nobody will see it and have cause to ask about it. The afternoon is heating up, so I’ll call it cooling off!

I had fun, and would certainly play again. With a bit of practice, I could see myself playing netball as a regualr social & physical activity. Ladies or mixed. Maree is talking about getting together a mixed team for a future season, so we’ll see what happens… [P.S. we lost – it’s just a social team and they have probably never played the same line-up twice, so don’t know each other as well as some of their opponents]

~ by pincushiondiary on January 13, 2006.

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  1. *wince* Owwie. Owwieowwieowwie!

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