2006 – my lucky year?

A few days later than planned, but here is the round up of those delightfully lazy days between Boxing Day and New Years Day …

I had by this stage finished reading The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (…yes, yes, I know … terribly bad of me not to have read it as a child…) and moved on to William Goldman’s abridged version of The Princess Bride, which had been loaned to me by a student/friend at work. If you are a fan of the movie and haven’t read the book, then I strongly encourage you to do so, because it is LOL funny! My sister kept asking me what I was reading that was so funny, and I will definitely be tracking down a copy to buy for her, given that I was reading a borrowed copy and wasn’t in the ‘bool long enough for her to read that copy too (besides which, she had her head buried in the whole Chronicles, and tells me that she finished them in 1 week, 5 days, which included reading LW&W thrice!)

I spent a bit of time at the shops with my mum and sister, firstly to cash in my “voucher” to go shopping with mum, and also to have a general look for swimwear and any reduced summer clothing. We went to the Rivers factory outlet in the ‘bool and I got a really nice pair of boardies for only $14.95. Went to K-mart and got a singlet bikini to match for $13.00. Am now happily dressed for lounging about by the pool for only $27.95! Compare that to the $59.95 that it cost for “practical” bathers to wear for laps and “Water Workout” [my new exercise excitement!].

The rest of my days in Warrnambool passed by in a blurr, and included a visit to Port Fairy to have a cuppa with my Godmother, and before I knew it I was packing up my things, loading up the car and driving back to Melbourne. The New Years Eve eve saw me at the cinemas to see LW&W – fantastic – and New Years Eve day saw me floating in the pool with 2 of my 3 housemates in my $27.95 ensemble. New Years Eve party was at the home of my dear miss L, and was a great night with best friends and yummy raspberry flavoured vodka drinks. One of the hosts decided to fill a jar and get people to guess the number of lollies in it, and I made a flippant guess based on the guess of a friend (she guessed 130, I guessed 131) and just after midnight I was presented with my prize! What a great start to the new year! A [great] late night that resulted in a strong case of the CBBs when I returned home just after noon the next day!

In other new year news, my mum informed me that my quick-pick for the NYE superdraw had the numbers for 5th division, and I won $25.90. Two wins in the new year! Perhaps 2006 is going to be my lucky year …

My resolutions? Last year’s continued (although, minus the interest in Mr Mildly. In fact, minus the interest in any bloke …) … and to stop biting my fingernails again! With regard to the things on the list of projects to finish … I’ve hung the photo pin-boards, though the photos have now mostly fallen off, and consolidated my super funds, and filed lots of that paperwork. The other things still remain on the “TO DO” list …


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