Bang, bang, bang … whack, whack …

If I could type the sound of a power saw I would, so include that noise in your mind too as you are reading this to get an idea of my current environment …

We’re having some renovations done to the offices in the department. We have absolutely no money, and could not choose to do this ourselves, but because of politics in the central administration of the University and because of the people who happily push money into our International Programs Office [IPO], we’re getting the renovations done for us. We occupy all of the first floor of this wing, and approximately half of the third floor (at the History department’s peak in the 70s, they occupied all three floors of this wing!). The IPO need to move into more of the second floor, which means that some of the Linguistics occupants of the second floor need to be consolidated with their colleagues on the third floor, which means that a Professor or two need to be relocated. Relocated not just anywhere, but to Professorial offices. Hence, the changes on our floor. The bright side of it is that we get refurbishment, not at our own cost (don’t get me started on how stupid I think it is that the University doesn’t put aside money for departments to regularly repaint before it becomes absolutely necessary and students stop coming here because it is a dump!), and I start the new year in my own office, not a reception/enquiries office, with a promotion! Because all of this coincides with the retirement of the other admin person in the department (the poor thing got heaved out of her office of 15 years only 3 weeks before leaving the place for good! Not fair!) and I’m stepping up closer to her level. In six months’ time, when all of her leave etc is off the books, they’ll replace her with someone junior to me.

Ahhh … they’ve gone on a smoko … time to work while the noise has subsided!


~ by pincushiondiary on December 13, 2005.

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