New things …

Three new things to post on today …

1) The view from my desk is new. Our department is having various movements and renovations, and while the new year brings a new and newly refurbished office for me, for now I have had to re-orient my desk to cope with the addition of staff pigeonholes on the student side of the enquiries counter. Different. Have to turn in my chair to look out the window. But it was a good opportunity to clean up a bit and wipe all the coffee spots off my desk!

2) Did 10 laps at the LTU swimming pool on Friday night. Am determined that I will get rid of my (to quote the nuff-nuff from ‘Australian Idol’) “tuck-shop lady arms”. Actually, it is part of the beginning of the soon-to-be-full-on training regime for mountain biking in Mongolia in June/July, but is to be the hot day option (because on a hot day, I am so fatigued that the last thing I could possible manage is to get on my bike in the heat and make myself hotter). Swimming in a pool, even while heated (except for in January when they turn off the heating for annual maintenance), is less likely to trigger heat and fatigue symptoms.

3) Went to my first “Water Workout” class with Leanne at our local gym last night. This follows new thing #2 as part of the new regime. Really enjoyed it, and may go again tomorrow morning (am taking a flexi-day to avoid the noises and dust of walls being demolished).


~ by pincushiondiary on December 7, 2005.

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