I’ve got a note for my absence

I was sitting here thinking that the patriotic thing to do was watch the soccer on SBS, but I’ve just decided that I really don’t care much about whether Australia gets into the World Cup or not, because I have no faith that if they do they will get anywhere significant in the competition… So, I’ve flicked the channel and decided that it is about [bloody] time I logged on and updated my blog. So, you [the readers who are left after my lack-lustre effort at being a blogger] can read my ramblings and try to catch up with me …

In the past month since I was Countess Natalia Irina Forilska, who wasn’t the murderer by the way (just a thief!), I have …

Been to Kellee’s 30th birthday party.
Babysat for my Godson for a whole afternoon (well, a couple of hours) without breaking him.
Done training in SAP (accounting software) .
Done my tax (which didn’t end happily).
Hosted, along with my fellow housemates, our “Ostralya vs New Zeelund” party, held in honour of the mid-year addition of a New Zealander to our household and the return of another housemate from a 2,700km cycle across the Nullabor.
Been to the chiropractor once or twice.
Paid my rent.
Had celebratory drinks with the History Honours students after they submitted their dissertations.
Been camping in the Tarra Valley (Gippsland; go to Traralgon and drive south, or go to Yarram and drive north) with friends over Cup weekend.
Had lunch in the city with friends, followed by a quick visit to the NGV Ian Potter Centre and Yarra Valley wine tasting in the NGV atrium.
Spent a couple of hours being a “Pool Girl” on a Saturday afternoon.
Attended a fundraising trivia night that was not run by me or Leanne.
Attended the Baptist ordination ceremony of a friend.
Learned that some friends are expecting a new addition to their family in the new year.
Called our real estate agent to report that the pool filter is not working properly.
Attended a lecture given by a visiting professor and had dinner seated next to the Chancellor of LTU (who is a very feisty 80-something year old, one of Australia’s best scientific minds, and appeared on a postage stamp).
Went to the doctor after not being able to shake this stupid [bloody] snotty nose and cough.
Attended the 25th Anniversary Dinner of my former employer.
Discovered that an old friend is pregnant and will become a single mum in February.
Called our real estate agent again about the broken pool filter.
Driven home to Warrnambool.
Attended my cousin’s baby shower.
Attended my 10-year high school reunion.
Farewelled a friend who is going overseas to live and work in Canada for a year.
Attended an information session at Intrepid travel about the fundraising trips that will be offered as MS Challenges in 2006.

That sums it up for now … perhaps I can now feel that I am not as behind with my blogging and move forward from now with more frequent posts … I might start aiming for once a week posts. Work is increasingly busy, and I just can’t seem to slack-off as much as I used to!


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