Tired and weary

I hate meetings. I don’t normally have to sit through them much, so the fact that I’ve sat through 3 x approx 2-hour long meetings in the past 36 hours probably makes it all the more noticeable. But after the past two days, I’ve really decided that I am not a huge fan of them (but, who really is?).
Yesterday morning, I sat through a lengthy preliminary planning meeting about the change of administrative functions in our department when my colleague retires at the end of the year; then, this morning was the meeting with the full quota of admin staff for our overall school, where the subtle message aimed at the people who will be required to spend one full day a week physically relocated to my department was completely unnoticed or ignored. Last night, I went to a meeting as a proxy for a friend who is currently in Thailand; the Royal Children’s Hospital SRMO “Bunfight” – two and a bit hours of discussion about 22 people’s preferences for 22 rosters.
At least it distracted me from my own life for a couple of hours, as did the other two meetings, to which I just have to say, “Bloody men!”

~ by pincushiondiary on October 6, 2005.

One Response to “Tired and weary”

  1. A very big kiss and hug to you Trish – I definitely owe you!!! If you were still coming to Thailand I could’ve been your personal tour guide, as it is you’ll have to wait ’til I get back. THANK-YOU!!!

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