In the top ten?

Off to find out where I placed in the Faculty footy tipping competition … I think I’ll be in the top ten, and am hoping that after very good tipping results in the last two rounds [7 & 7], I might have made my way up into placing where I might get some of my gambling dollars reimbursed! Fingers crossed …
I won’t be eating much at the luncheon though, because the fare is “footy food”, a.k.a. party pies and sausage rolls, which I don’t eat. I wish I had have known that before I paid my $5 lunch fee! Oh well … maybe they’ll offer hot chips?

LATE UPDATE [19/09/05]: Not a place-getter – bummer! – although did manage to come in ahead of the three male colleagues from this department who were also in the comp!


~ by pincushiondiary on September 14, 2005.

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