‘New fish for Trish’ and other stories from the weekend …

The sun is shining and it is a [mostly] beautiful day, after a lovely weekend!

It all started Friday night with a dose of quality time with my main man, my Godson, Xavier. I drove out to visit B, J & the little X-man after work, and was greeted at the door by a very excited and smiling face, exclaiming “Ooif!” [Trans. “Trish!”] Dinner was relaxed and yummy, accompanied by a Boag’s ‘St George’ – which I had been meaning to try since laughing a lot at the ad (the one where the guy keeps taking a step back in the club so that short women can see) and which is a rather tasty beer – and followed with a change into trackky-dacks and blobbing on the couch with another beer (followed by a glass of wine) to watch the start of the footy and then ‘Sister Act 2’, which was on the telly (neither B nor I had the energy for a trip to the video shop for a DVD!).

Saturday morning began with being woken up to the sounds of Xavier mowing the lawn (with his little Fisher Price lawn mower!). Very cute – especially when he gets to the bit of grass under the slide, and tries to lift the slide up and push the mower one-handed like Daddy does! Real coffee and toast, and a shower in a real shower (ie. enclosed, unlike our over-the-bath-with-shower-curtain version at home). B and I took a trip to the exclusive boutique clothing shop [!], Targét, which is a big deal for me because I like their clothes and I don’t live within convenient distance to any stores (probably a good thing for my budget!). We followed up the lazy morning, where the most energetic thing that I did was chase Xavier around the house for a little while, with lunch at “Willy”, which apparently is what all the kids in Hoppers call Williamstown. The café we went to kind of stuffed up our order, but not in a big way (they forgot our wedges and had to be reminded of them, and then they didn’t bring out any kind of sour cream or sweet chilli sauce with them, and still didn’t when we asked for it … oh, well!), and I was very excited to find an ice-cream shoppe that stocked jaffa flavoured ice-cream!

Saturday afternoon: As I drove back to Fairfield from Hoppers Crossing, I dismally listened to some of the elimination final that my team was playing in, and despondently turned off the radio when the flogging from Geelong saw Melbourne end their season [The year of Troy Broadbridge] less than gallantly…

Saturday night: I had tried at times during the week to round up some passionate 500 players to have a quiet night of cards and wine at home (mostly because I realised last week that I am not going to be home or in Melbourne for the next four consecutive weekends and I wanted a night at home, but not a lonely night at home!). While the night was lovely and relaxing, and the company great, we managed to play only one round of “Up and Down the River” (a variation on the basic rules of 500) where we only went down the river and not back up it again. We did, however, manage to polish off two bottles of wine quite easily! Got to bed at about a quarter past one after the last two guests independently took their leave as the clock (metaphorically) chimed 1:00am. While the cards were barely touched, the mood was certainly relaxed and the conversation flowed all evening, and I went to bed with a contented smile on my face. I also became a parent to two new goldfish, as Miss Lizzy decided it was time for me to move on from the death of my favourite goldfish [R.I.P. Oscar] in 2003. One fish is a regular orange, or gold, goldfish, and the other is a black googly-eyed one. Discussion over what to name the new goldfish was revisited a number of times over the evening. I went to bed having settled on calling one of them ‘Jaffa’ and the other ‘Grover’ (to continue the tradition of Sesame Street names), but the next day decided that combined in colour they made up my favourite food, so one is now called ‘Choc’ and the other ‘Orange’.

Sunday morning: an early start, after a late night and disrupted sleep (the heater had been left on, and I wake up in the middle of the night when this happens because I get too hot, and also because the main heater unit is located on the other side of my bedroom wall and I hear the noise of it switching on when the temperature drops), because I had nominated myself for set-up duty at Solace. Even though I was a little tired, walking around the corner while the sun is shining and the day is beginning is a great way to be energised! One of things that I often think I should do more often, but never do, because I like my sleep-ins!

Tangent … One of the things that we have been looking at/entering into thought on at Solace (the spiritual community that I am part of) over the past two weeks has been to do with examining the position of a writer or story-teller, and their perspective and retelling of an event based on their world view and their target audience. We’re about to start a time of examining the book of Job in the Old Testament of the Bible, and it has a reputation for being a bit tricky to get ones head around at times. We’ve started this journey by last week looking at three tellings of the same fictional event – one from the point of view of a reporter from a popular/mainstream newspaper, one from the point of view of ‘Astrid’ a reporter from a new age magazine, and the other from the point of view of a contributor to a magazine called ‘End Times’. The three stories could kind of only be identified as being of the same event when we read them together, because of the different words/images/perspectives/”facts” used in each telling. This week we considered how the writers of the book of Job were perhaps using a language and world view that they had gathered from years of slavery in Babylon. The Babylonians used imagery of angels and demons to describe good and evil, and also to separate humankind from the gods with mediatory figures who judged people and affected their destiny based on whether they were “good” or “bad”. The writers of the books that make up the Old Testament of the Christian Bible used this Babylonian-informed world view to retell the stories that had been passed on through the oral tradition to explain the world and give meaning to their lives. The stories of people stretching from Adam and Eve, through Abraham and Sarah to Moses and others have been written down using a language and words and world view that may impact upon the way the story is given to us as “fact”. All this (in the insufficient way that I have crudely tried to explain it) is preparing us for the book Job, where we’ll be considering the story of a man who worked hard to be a “good” man and have the angels looking out for him, but to whom crappy, bad things still occurred. The frustrating thing? That I have really connected with the way we have been preparing our thinking, but I won’t be at Solace for the next three weeks and I’ll miss out on some teaching that I really wanted to engage with. rats.

Sunday night: our household had dinner to farewell our male housemate as he embarks on a big adventure and physical journey … He flies to Perth tomorrow to meet up with a friend and then ride back across the Nullabor. Our house has endured weeks and weeks of him pouring over bike catalogues after his bike got stolen off our front porch (quite a handy event, because it meant that he got sent an insurance cheque for more than the bike would’ve fetched if he were to sell it on eBay or in the Trading Post, and use the money to buy a brand-spanking-new bike) and much oooh-ing and aahhh-ing was to be heard in our house on Saturday evening when we saw for the first time the not-so-shiny (it has a very stylish matte paint finish) expensive new bike. We fired up the BBQ for the first time since earlier this year, and are collectively looking forward to the sunny, summery weather that will see us entertain with the use of our BBQ area more often. We finished the night with a few rounds of cards – “Warlords and Scumbags” – and a desert of strawberries and ice-cream.

A great weekend – bring on the next one!


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  1. Sounds like an ace weekend. Also sounds like ace stuff from Solace Sunday stuff – sad to be missing it myself … but having fun all the same.

  2. You might be interested in this online commentary “Putting God on Trial- The Biblical Book of Job” http://www.bookofjob.org

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