Apparently I can walk on water!

After undergoing the process of performance review and goal-setting after being in my job for a year now, my supervisor gave me a huge compliment a couple of weeks ago by telling me that she was recommending that I be given two salary increase increments instead of just the one, because I had consistently proven myself to far exceed the requirements of the position. Yay for me! At the time, she said this with the disclaimer that it still had to be agreed on by the registrar of the faculty, and that this rarely happened unless they (the registrar) were given sufficient proof that the staff member in question has shown that they posessed “… the ability to walk on water.”
Well, it seems that I have a hidden talent! In future, I will have no need to step over or around puddles, and rivers and oceans will no longer be a burden to international travel! How chuffed am I? Not to mention the extra money in my bank account each fortnight (which, in reality after tax, is about $22/week) …


~ by pincushiondiary on September 5, 2005.

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  1. Excellent!! Well done!

  2. Thanks Rae! 😀

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