A happy dance would hurt right now …

I’d do another happy dance if it wasn’t going to hurt so much …
Why would it hurt?
No, not because of accidental bruising as a result of tobogganing yesterday … but because (and it was soooooooo much fun!) I went SKIING!! Squee!

With thanks to a very patient friend, I can now call myself a supurb, amazing, great, good, fair, really bad skiier! If I could only manage to figure out how to spend less time falling down … Fabulous stacks and many bruises later (the sides of both thighs, both knees, the left & right sides of my collarbone [?!], my calves … plus rather sore shoulder sockets) I had a thoroughly amazing day and managed to cross something off my “To Do Oneday” list!

Saturday ended with a drink to celebrate a friend’s new job, and Sunday has been a relaxed day of Solace, watching the first two episodes of the West Wing (ski instructor friend saw fit to introduce me to the show), a shiatsu massage from another friend who is undertaking a massage course (which I think just made all of my skiing aches and pains worse) and a relaxed evening of chatting to the housemates and talking to my mum on the phone.

I’m hoping as I hobble off to bed that I will be a bit more sprightly in the morning. Tomorrow I’m making a phone call to bring my next chiropractor appointment forward!


~ by pincushiondiary on August 28, 2005.

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