The weekend

Aside from being the top tipper [Yeh-eah!] this week in Tony’s tipping competition (scrambling my way up to 5th place in the process!), I also managed this weekend to:
[Friday night, playing Risk] Nicely execute my mission to destroy the yellow army, from beginning my turn with only two troops on Iceland. [Yeh-eah!] Didn’t do so well in the second game … had a stupid mission (always blame it on the mission …) and nobody would let me hold Europe for a round [bitter much, Trish?] and my personal cheer squad was knocked out of the game early after a trying battle in Australia and Indonesia [awwww ….].
Ride 30kms with Lizzy & Gav [who didn’t break a sweat] on Saturday morning (without getting ourselves rained on). The even bigger achievement was to get myself back on the bike on Sunday morning to ride around the corner to Solace [ohhh, my aching bot-bot!].
Watched ‘Finding Neverland’ on Saturday night and thoroughly enjoyed it (even shed a few tears, but that may have been because I was dog-tired and my legs were killing me – I had to literally drag myself to bed). Also watched ‘The Corporation’ last night with a friend and two of my three housemates, and found it interesting, mind-boggling, frightening, thought-provoking, depressing, action-inspiring …
Had lovely leisurely lunch with friends on Sunday, and pizza for dinner with two of my three housemates last night …

What I didn’t acheive? The clean-out of the [far too many] clothes from the bulging wardrobe into the new tall boy (I still am getting a kick out of saying to people that I have a new tall boy in my bedroom!) and the car maintenance that includes a wash, vacuum and replacement of a blown headlight … ah, well … I suppose that’s what next weekend is for? Ah, no, not next weekend … because I’m going to the snow for a day!!


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