‘National Risotto Day’ and a birthday greeting for yesterday

My last two posts have highlighted my [sometimes] bad diet … ummm …
For the record, I made risotto last night [yum!] and ate that before the ice-cream. Though, all that means really is that I had loads of carbs in my belly all night …
We decided that it must’ve been ‘National Risotto Day’ or something yesterday, because the fates decided that L would think of risotto for dinner during the day, and I would think of risotto for dinner as I drove home, and M would actually buy the risotto ingredients but then not be home to cook her planned meal … Too bad if J wanted something different for dinner last night – he wasn’t going to get it!

I am reminded that yesterday, in addition to now being our house’s special risotto day, was also the birthday of our old housemate, Jason. Happy birthday for yesterday, Jase! Hope you are living it up o.s. and that somebody bought you a bourbon & coke for your [33rd?] birthday!


~ by pincushiondiary on August 17, 2005.

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