The happy day has arrived!

Guess where I am?
Go on … guess!

Guess what I am doing?
Go on … guess!

Betcha didn’t quite get it right … If you said, “typing on a keyboard”, you’re right. But I bet you didn’t say that I was typing on a keyboard, whilst in my bedroom, whilst typing not on my housemate’s laptop but on my* computer?

So … the box belongs to Nate, the monitor has been donated to me by my IT friend at work, and the keyboard and mouse that I am currently using belong to my brother, but that is only because I can’t seem to get the blasted things that I just bought from Officeworks on the way home from the chiropractor to bloody well work! [Bloody] stupid [bloody] good [bloody] idea not to buy the wireless pack … mutter, mutter … Will call on my brother for yet again more help with this machine a.s.a.p. Especially because he wants his own peripherals back.

Nate set it up with Windows 2000 (or winblows as he likes to call it) and I brought it home to my brother, who decided that he would put XP on it instead. After a couple of failed attempts at installing XP (where all the while I could hear Nate’s echo of “I told you so … winblows” in the background), my brother conceded defeat and reverted to the installation of 2000.

Now I just have to get me a small desk set up. I mentioned above that I have just returned from a visit to the chiropractor … well, he would not be impressed, and it is not good practice after an adjustment especially, of the way that I am currentl sitting and the posture that I am currently not holding well. I need to get a small desk (because a big desk is unnecessary, will take up too much room, and will attract too much clutter) and rearrange a few bits of junk in my bedroom. The rearranging will also continue next weekend, when the tallboy that I have ordered is delivered with my new bookcase (a Christmas and birthday present combined from Mum & Trevor that I finally purchased in mid-June!).

Better go and discover more things about my new computer … and bookmark my fave pages, and install a few computer games that I haven’t played for a year or two, and then retrieve my honours thesis off the dinosaur machine that has been gathering dust for quite some time …

* I recognise that this is, in fact, a “loaner” computer, and while I may from here on refer to it frequently as “my computer”, the bit that makes it go actually belongs to Nate.


~ by pincushiondiary on July 14, 2005.

2 Responses to “The happy day has arrived!”

  1. Your computer/Nate’s computer… While it’s in your possession, I reckon you call it yours! Well done and welcome to the world of having a PC at your disposal. Lot’s of time to be wasted for you now…

  2. Okay, “My computer… Mine!” 😀
    Ahhh, a PC at my disposal in my own space … I’m making sure that I still show my face to my housemates and linger in the lounge as I wander through on my way to the loo or the kitchen!

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