I want a puppy!

A few weeks ago, one of our staff members who is very near to retirement came into my office and said, “Have I told you that I’m going to be a dad?”

*cough* Ex-squeeze me??

Somehow — I’m not really sure how, but maybe through utter confusion — I managed to keep a straight face as I inquired, “… What do you mean…?”

It turns out that he was refering to plans to get a new puppy! [Ahh-haaa!]

Well, since then, I have been given regular updates in the saga that has been his attempt to find the right new dog. Trips to various suburbs far and wide, and lots of excitement and anticipation turned to disappointment …

Well, this morning I just met the new puppy after my colleague brought him into my office to introduce him to me. He’s a mix of a few breeds (and I’m useless when it comes to identifying dog breeds anyway), but I would describe him as the colour of a rhodesian ridgeback without the ridge and with a black/dark brown face, and with lots of wrinkles. He’s just gorgeous! And he was doing really well on what was a very stressful day: being plucked from his litter in Pakenham and a long drive to LTU, where at least two, if not more, women oooh-ed and aaaah-ed and cuddled him. No wonder when his dad held him he looked like he was clinging on for dear life!

His name is yet to be decided, but with a dad who is an historian with a speciality in European history, Nazism and also sports history … the list of options is made up of names like Himmler, Heinrich, Hoess & Riefenstahl … I suggested that maybe a session of yelling out names in the park to see which carried most clearly was in order…?


~ by pincushiondiary on July 7, 2005.

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  1. Hee… puppies are sooooo damn cute. You know, Jack’s still up for sale if you want a little-ish puppy… He’s cuuuuuuute.

  2. Oooh! Can’t resist a cute widdle puppy!!

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