The downside of the upside of the previous post …

My housemate is taking her laptop with her … Therefore there will be no blog posts from me this weekend. There will also be no opportunity for me to carry on with my fundraising emails.

I’ve said it time and time again – I’m definitely at the point of whinging – but, I really do need my own computer. Problem is, I’m not in a position to fork out the cash (incase we all forgot, I’m going to Sri Lanka at the end of the year!!!!!) and so am waiting on my dear, dear friend to follow through on an offer to set me up a loaner for a while. I also have to hassle the IT guys at work to see if there is an old monitor sitting around in a room somewhere that would prefer to come and live at my house.
My brother inspected the last computer that I utilised (which has been sitting on my bedroom floor awaiting the unconfirmed arrival of its replacement for years, so that the important information it contains – one Honours thesis from 1999 and not much else – can be transferred) and laughed at how old it is. The future looks grim, and I’m currently relying on the generosity of others … Who are as pressed for time as I am, and who have way better things to be doing than setting up a computer for me … But I implore you, oh computer master friend, do me this favour! Please! Soon! Please! I’ll love you forever …


~ by pincushiondiary on June 17, 2005.

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