Mmmm, chocolate … and clucky

I’m sitting here munching on my Ernest Hillier assortment and Cadbury Roses, watching ‘All Saints’ and typing on the computer all at the same time … multi-tasking!! Just the way I like it – with chocolate!

Meeting little Ella Nicole Dalton was a lovely way to spend the public holiday yesterday. She is a beautiful, tiny and precious little one month-old! And she is very loved by her mum and dad, Jo and Clnt. She has beautiful soft skin and she smells so sweet and innocent. Just a few cuddles yesterday made me very clucky. It made my housemate clucky too …

Some of Jo’s family were visiting Ella yesterday as well. At one point, Jo’s uncle [who is actually about the same age as us – the younger child from Jo’s grandfather’s second marriage] asked Jim if he was looking forward to having kids. Jim’s reply was yes, but also indicated that the first step was to find himself a girlfriend. Jo’s uncle Jules’ response?

“Ahh … This is one of those arkward, funny moments… but I thought you two were a couple …!”

I suppose the fact that we arrived together, mentioned living together on more than one occasion, have a familiarity that comes from 15 years of friendship, and the fact that Jim turned to me at one point and asked, “Are you feeling clucky yet?”, all combine to form what could be a fairly reasonable assumption, based on the evidence at hand, that we were a couple. We certainly didn’t hesitate to clear up the confusion though!


~ by pincushiondiary on June 14, 2005.

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