Open your eyes and read the signs

We have a stapler glued to the table in the corridor for students to use when they attach a coversheet and statement of authorship to their work when they submit it (where they declare that they haven’t plagiarised). I think I may have mentioned this in previous posts … maybe not … You’re forgiven if I have mentioned it and you haven’t remembered, because after all it isn’t a particularly exciting topic of blogging!

Well today, after another week of students coming into my office and saying, “Did you know there are no staples left?”, to which I reply, *sigh* “Actually, it’s broken…”, one student took the nuff-nuff prize: a note on the top of the coversheet attached to their essay, with an arrow pointing towards the three paperclips holding it together, saying “stapler at table, broken”.
No shit, Sherlock – that’s what the sign on the table says! I should know, I put it there.


~ by pincushiondiary on June 9, 2005.

One Response to “Open your eyes and read the signs”

  1. Makes you want to laugh until you realise that these are the people who will be editing/ contributing to / writing the textbooks your kids read in school, and that cost $120 a piece…… not to mention the ones who stay in the academic lifestyle and who wind up as teachers, lecturers and tutors.

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