ballot results & banana cake

Earlier this week, we [L & I] got our official notification letter about our ballot for the 2006 Commonwealth Games. Of the 4 events that we put in for [cycling, diving, synchronised swimming and athletics] we only got tickets to one event, the athletics. It is a bit of a bummer, as this was the last of our preferences, and we would have loved to go to the diving the most. Oh well, we’re still going to something…
Interestingly, I think Leanne and I are the only people we know who actually put in for the ballot? And we’re not sports mad! Me thinks a few sports fans forgot to get themselves organised or something …

Something that I have learned in the past week:
That while my female housemate, like me, does not like to eat bananas, she makes a mean banana & other ingredients smoothie and a bloody beautiful banana cake!

P.S. The title of 400th commenter is open on this post …


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  1. am I number 400??? ohhh goody!!!!
    hey i put in for commonwealth game tickets, but have not heard anything. ???hmmmm

  2. Can I please have Leanne’s banana cake recipe? I’ve been looking for a good banana cake recipe for ages.

  3. I’ll ask her the next time I see her … I think it was an emalgamation of about three recipes as she went along (what I like to call ‘Jamie Oliver style cooking’ – very rough estimations on quanities etc – a skill that good cooks develop).

  4. Ahh, Miss Lizzy – we should have coordinated our ticket ballot requests! L & I only asked for 2 tickets to any event because we weren’t sure that anyone else would want a third or fourth ticket were we to ask for it. We didn’t want to be stuck with tickets or have an empty seat next to us … They say though that those who missed out, but who were in the ballot, will get a second chance at tickets to some events.
    I’m still bummed about not getting the synchronised swimming tickets! 😦

  5. I’m going to the netball finals! Yay! Thanks to one organised friend who did the whole thing for us.

    Just hope that Oz continues its form…

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