Yay! A flexi-day!

I’m at home on a Monday – yay! Working an extra half an hour most days has resulted in another day at home where I can spend the day as I please …
The whole weekend has been rather lazy and luxurious really, aside from a 33km ride yesterday and a spot of pool maintenence just now.
Saturday morning I slept in until practically the afternoon, and then read last week’s weekend newspaper. Two hours later, and feeling like I had suitably wasted some time by reading week-old news, I moved on to the couch to assit Leanne with some blogging on our other blog. We’re getting there with that one, and at the very least the prizes page is more up-to-date than it had been … We’re still learning the joys of WordPress together, and when it comes to the crunch, we have NO IDEA what we are doing!
Today, I have a list of things that I’d like to do, and a few things that I have to do (meeting to discuss the coffee-making needs of my church community, post-move to a new building and a visit to the bank to deposit sponsorship money) … but I am going to try to avoid any purse-emptying activities, or energy-depleting activities … I’m going to sit on my bum on the couch for a good part of the day – I’ve already started well. Then, the day will end sadly as I collect my car from the mechanic’s, post-service, and pay the bill …


~ by pincushiondiary on May 30, 2005.

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