Hmmm … Nice kitchen decor

A few weeks ago, Leanne was making tomato soup. She has a new, very shiny and very powerful (1000w) blender. First asking aloud whether she should wait for the soup to cool before attempting to puree the tomato mix, she then proceeded to blend it. AaarrrggghHHH! Hot tomato soup all over the kitchen, and a broken blender clip. Clean it up and try once more … It happened all over again! I left the room in hysterical laughter, leaving her to clean it up and put the un-blended tomato soup in the fridge to cool.

Today, as we were both standing in the kitchen, Leanne looked up and started laughing … She’d missed a bit – the splodges on the light bulb and ceiling!

In her defense, our ceiling is not ‘ceiling white’, but rather wood panelling, which makes the blobs of tomato soup a lot harder to spot. And really, we had commented that we would be finding odd little flicks of tomato in odd places for the next little while, but we hadn’t really thought that they would be on the ceiling or light bulb!


~ by pincushiondiary on May 30, 2005.

4 Responses to “Hmmm … Nice kitchen decor”

  1. Heh. Am now picturing a horror film with blood splattered on a swinging light bulb. I guess that’s what your kitchen would have looked like afterward! A horror flick!

  2. Pretty much!
    Good thing we knew that it was tomato soup, not blood!

  3. It was funny wasn’t it! Red soup sprayed all over every concievable surface of the kitchen. Carpet, cupboard, floor sink window &…. ME!! And not just once, but 2 times. Particularly funny to be finding blobs of soup in the most ridiculous places for the next few days. A happy ending though with a replacement lid delivered under warranty 😀

  4. And a lesson learned … 😀

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