Farewell …

Last night, I went to a farewell for my old boss. This is the boss from my old job, the one that I left to come to my current [better] job. This old boss didn’t hire me at my old job initially, but she did have a hand in helping me retain my job when the employee who I was sub-contracted by was shafted when his contract wasn’t renewed. She’s leaving the company after nearly 8 & 1/2 years service, which is quite an innings nowadays.

Anyway, I went to farewell my old boss and to catch up with a couple of old colleagues and friends. Board members past and present commented on how well I looked and asked me how my “new” job was going. I don’t consider it a “new” job anymore, as I have been doing it for 9 months, but to them it is “new” because it isn’t my “old” job and they haven’t seen me since I left to take up my “new” job.

One of the people who acted as referee for me, and who was aware of just how unhappy I was before I left, was really pleased to hear that I am now working at a place where I feel appreciated and challenged with new things. It was nice to be able to catch up with her and thank her once again for doing her small part to help me gain this new job as one of my referees.

The farewell part of the evening was brief and probably didn’t do sufficient justice to what my old boss had accomplished in the time she was head of the office. The person farewelling her had to rush off to another engagement, and that meant that there was certainly a sense of urgency about his brief speech.

It was odd to be standing in my old office space and chatting to the person who replaced me. It was odd to see what changes had occurred in the past 9 months. But best of all, it was delightful to realise that I have moved on to bigger and better things and don’t miss a bit of the old job that I had. It makes it easier to not miss a bit of it when my favourtie bits, the friendships gained, have stayed with me since.


~ by pincushiondiary on May 12, 2005.

One Response to “Farewell …”

  1. friendships gained in the workplace must be good ones if you continue to be friends once you leave that work space.

    often work friends only have in common that they work in the same office. it’s a lovely bonus when you or they move on and you discover there is a real connection that is outside the job descriptions.

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