It’s really not that hard to drive a photocopier

Why is it that someone not knowing how to load paper into a photocopier annoys me so much?
Probably party because they asked me to “reload the copier” for them, yet everyone else does it themselves and it is not really my job to be the copier reloader girl.
This person [man] also made a comment about it being a stupid machine, to which I replied, “Its actually quite intelligent if you know how to use it properly.” and walked out of the room. Age is no excuse on this occassion, as many older and less-wise can drive the photocopier – even make it double-side and staple documents – without any fuss whatsoever.

~ by pincushiondiary on May 11, 2005.

3 Responses to “It’s really not that hard to drive a photocopier”

  1. methinks the man thinks driving the copier machine is below him

    next time he asks – why not give him a tutorial, then the next time he asks, you can smile sweetly and say “you do know how, I showed you last time” and scoot

  2. Methinks you are on the money, Kel!
    The whole tutorial thing is a good idea, and normally this is the approach I would take, but this guy just irritates me with a complete inability to retain what I show him. Oh well … I’ll keep trying and hope that he retains the instruction. It always seems that he asks at inconvenient times too, which is probably why I respond to him in a cranky mood!

  3. I agree. It’s not that hard to use one. They are all pretty much the same
    creature, you just have to look at what is available to you. I think
    some people are just too lazy to figure it out for themselves!

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