Lady of the bugs

Bugs! Insects! They’re everywhere!
Well, not everywhere, but I certainly do feel that a cosmic force is bringing them into my consciousness at the moment. Why?

Because all day yesterday there was a fly that just wouldn’t leave my office. It was still here when I unlocked my office this morning. I think it is gone now.

Last night I was already feeling ick because I was eating take-away chips, but I felt even more ick after I got the bottom of the packet and saw the deep-fried flying bug there. Nggggaaaah …!

Then, this morning I noticed that there was a dead thrip (that’s what I call them, but I don’t know what they really are – those tiny little flying insects) floating on the surface of the glass of water I have next to my bed. Glad I didn’t get thirsty during the night …

And also, as I was driving to work this morning there was a rather odd looking bug catching a ride on the outside of my windscreen. I imagine that he was hanging on tight with minescule suction caps on his feet or something as I sped along, but I was surprised to see that he stayed there for quite some distance!


~ by pincushiondiary on May 5, 2005.

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