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Today is a strike day. I’m not on strike. For a number of reasons… As I understand it (though I have not made attempts to find out any more information than the basics on the posters) this effects academic staff more than administrative staff. Now, that is not to say that it couldn’t also effect administrative staff further down the line – I’m sure it will at some point – but it is a fight mainly being fought by academic staff, as I understand it. The Government may withdraw funding for the pay increases that had been agreed to in the most recent Enterprise Bargaining Agreement. At the end of the day, tertiary education is not funded enough. But then again, neither are our primary and secondary school teachers, nor our childcare workers and many other professions, paid enough.

I had quite easily decided that I would be working today. As I see it, my role is to offer support to staff and students, and today that becomes more necessary through advising students whether their classes are running or not. I also feel that my conditions of employment are excellent and my rate of pay more than adequate. I left a job which had far lower pay and very inconsistent and haphazard conditions of employment to come here. I hadn’t given any thought to the fact that there might be a picket line until it was mentioned to me yesterday, though this morning found it quite amusing to see that the entrance to the campus that I regularly use had a picket line of only half a dozen or so people. I’ve since learned that the amount of people stationed at that entrance has grown a little, and that the number at the main entrance is of a more significant size. I still don’t think it is a particularly effective means of protest, though aside from basic letter writing, can offer no other suggestions …

It may be naive of me to not care more. But I just don’t. I don’t see this as a particularly effective means of conveying a point to the governing bodies. It is more of an inconvenience to students and staff than it is anything else.

In particular, I have a gripe at one staff member who responded to the question of whether he was striking or not with the answer that he would make every attempt to come to Uni to take his lectures and classes, but that if he was met by a large picket line, he would, for a number of various reasons to do with past experiences, not be trying to cross it. It would have been easier to have a definitive “I’ll be on strike”, as the students who made the decision to come based on the gamble that their lecturer may or may not make it to class have been disappointed and let down. They are not overtly bothered by it, but still, I feel that they would have been better served if I had have been able to tell them to stay at home and not bother.

The other laughable advice was that directed to students of a different subject, wherein they were told that their lectures and tutes would be cancelled, but that they should still do the set readings for the week. Each student that I told this to laughed off this suggestion with the response that if they didn’t have classes then they wouldn’t do the readings.

Anyway, aside from already feeling like a recorded message from answering the same question over and over again, this will probably be a very quiet day. A chance to get a few thing done with less interruptions, me thinks. And I’m going home early myself anyway, as I am paying a visit to the hair salon this afternoon …


~ by pincushiondiary on May 4, 2005.

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  1. Dear Miss P. Have a look at what that hideous thing calling itself “Ren” has said about me on Miss Lola’s blog.

    It doesn’t like me. No, and with some sort of insanity.

  2. Watch it R.H., Ren is a friend of mine …
    Don’t know which is Miss Lola’s blog, but could hazard a guess that maybe said comment isn’t as bad as you make out or that you deserved said comment to be made in response to comment you made yourself … ??

  3. Be assured, I would never give cheek to anyone who has their own office – and especially not on National Office Professional Day. (Golly!)

    Miss P, if I’ve been stupid I’ll take the consequences. Always. But when I’m libelled I’ll put up a fight. That’s all.

    Anyway, I’ll leave you to it. The truth is, you can’t choose your friends, but you sure can choose your enemies. People do it all the time. Without knowing it.

  4. Sometimes they even marry them.

  5. You’re right to stand by your friends, whoever they are.

    That’s good.

  6. I’m always loyal … And I love my friends – there is great investment made in choosing them and keeping them.

  7. I used to regret not having gone to university. But after reading some of these blogs I don’t regret it anymore. I’ve realised that if you’re dull you always will be. No sort of training can make you clever. For instance, if I wanted to insult someone, I’d never use words like f*ck c*nt or Dickhead.
    I can do much better than that.

  8. ” …after reading some of these blogs I don’t regret it anymore. I’ve realised that if you’re dull you always will be…”
    Some of which blogs? This one? It/they can’t be that dull if you keep coming back to comment…

  9. ho ho ho, but you are a provoking little wench! Coy. My word yes. Because you know I do not refer to you.
    My career as a blog reply person will end, as everything must end. I myself end nothing, nor do you, nor does anybody. It’s all done for us. Read your Scriptures.

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